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About the Project

The Nature and Value of Faith project is a three-year initiative based at Baylor University.

Our project examines the nature of faith as a psychological attitude, state, or orientation in order to understand its value, its proper evaluation, and its contribution to a well-lived life.


Request for Proposals

We are soliciting proposals for two different kinds of scholarly work. The project will support two postdoctoral fellowships for philosophers or theologians working on topics falling within the scope of the project, and it will also support research papers and seminar participation on topics concerning faith. The postdocs will spend up to three years working at Baylor with the research team on faith, and the summer seminars will be held in Columbia, MO beginning June of 2014. Each seminar will also involve an impressive group of visiting, associated faculty.



We've chosen the Research Award winners for the 2015 summer seminar!

A full list of winners can be found on our blog as well as the team page.


Meet the Team

Project co-directed by Jonathan L. Kvanvig, Daniel Howard–Snyder, and Trent Dougherty.


Visit our Blog!

Discussion related to faith can be found at our project blog. It will contain posts by the directors of the project, by postdocs, and by seminar participants and associated faculty, as well as videos of conferences and presentations involved in the project. It is a place to visit often and be involved in the discussions related to faith.


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